Own The Moment – How to Pitch to Male Investors using Gender Acumen

April 15, 2016 - Events & Competitions, Funding Ecosystem, Investor Insights, Practical Funding Tips
Own The Moment – How to Pitch to Male Investors using Gender Acumen

My passion is to help women break through the financial and emotional glass ceilings to get the funding they need to grow their business. Because we are the greatest untapped resource in the world today and how can the global economy grow, when 50% of the population are not fully included?


Let’s face it — all the research and facts show us that hard truth is: Access to funding IS harder for Women Entrepreneurs.


I share why in my TEDx talk: Spread Your Talent to the World — Invest in Women Entrepreneurs

So what exactly is the problem?


What’s your biggest challenge when pitching for funding?


I’ve personally asked this question to over 250 women entrepreneurs worldwide. Many tell me ‘war stories’ of their experience when pitching to male investors. First-time women founders often find themselves feeling intimidated and frustrated when pitching to men, particularly if their business happens to target women as consumers — the men in the room can get a glazed look and say things like

“I’ll have to ask my wife about that”. 

You notice that the way you tell your pitch story or answer their questions doesn’t seem to have the same effect as that of your male peers, and wonder — what is going on? What can I do differently to get a better outcome, be taken seriously?


What if you could understand what’s going on in Male Investors minds better, what they pay attention to in your pitch and feel more confident?

To better understand what investors look for before investing, I personally interviewed over 50 investors (men and women).  I decided to take action to move things forward and build on what I’ve learned from interviewing successful women entrepreneurs, great Investors and watching female founders pitch all over the world.

I partnered with John Fayad, a Writer, Speaker and Coach on gender relations, who has co-written several books on the topic of gender differences between men and women. When I shared your frustrations with him, we knew that his insights into how men process information and make decisions and my learnings from listening to your challenges on both sides of the table, would be hugely valuable to help women entrepreneurs frame your ideas and answer questions that matches male tendencies.


That’s why we created the  “Own The Moment” Webinar


What You’ll learn:


  • The World of Funding Today
  • The Biases of Male Investors & Why
  • Understanding Gender Differences
  • The Limiting Beliefs of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Practical Tips when Pitching to Men — take what you’ve learned and adapt your pitch content and style to get a different outcome.


What’s in it for you?


  • Practical tips about pitching to male investors to give you ‘the edge’
  • Build your confidence every time you pitch
  • Frame your presentation of yourself and your ideas to be better understood & have more impact
  • Gain exclusive knowledge you won’t find anywhere else
  • Boost your pitching style through greater gender acumen


What’s included?


  • 1 hour live webinar & recording after
  • 16 page Workbook with practical Key Tips
  • access to a Closed Facebook Group with Women Entrepreneurs

So instead of fearing the moment when you have to pitch, we will inspire you how to “Own the Moment”.


“Women Entrepreneurs: If you are ready to take the next step to become investor-ready and get practical tips, adapt your pitch for male investors to give you an extra edge. Join us!”


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See you on the Webinar! #OwnTheMoment


Warmest wishes,



Anne Ravanona is the Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her – Catalysts for getting Women Entrepreneurs Funded faster and building Gender-Inclusive Workplaces. A TEDx Speaker, Anne regularly speaks at global conferences on the topics of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and leadership. A Huffington Post contributor, Astia Advisor, she is passionate about funding and inspiring women entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter @anneravanona @GlobalInvestHer