Great Video Series to Learn About Financials by Kauffman Founders School

January 26, 2016 - Practical Funding Tips
Great Video Series to Learn About Financials by Kauffman Founders School

Kauffman Founders School presents Video Series about Financial Literacy, Go Beyond the Numbers




Kauffman Founders School have created an excellent series of videos called, The Art of Startup Finance,  to help entrepreneurs understand the financial literacy necessary to turn a vision into a concrete business.


Check out the introduction here:


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Why should I watch?

Financial literacy is a necessary tool for every women entrepreneur and it’s important for women to understand the numbers before departing on their funding journey. You need to have more than just a vision, you need to be a business person and one of the critical skills for running your business and getting funded is to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS.


Many women entrepreneurs we have interviewed and spoken to, tell us that learning and knowing the numbers can be very intimidating.


In this video series, you will get expert advice from Bill Reichert, an experienced venture capitalist.


It’s a great foundation for those of you starting out on your funding journey, and for those more experienced among you, you may also find a few key tips you hadn’t thought of, from a professional investor’s perspective, so do take a look!


There are 9 Module Videos, including:


  • Financial Foundations: Your Balance Sheet


  • Financial Foundations: Your Capitalization Table


  • Business Processes: Your Business Model Formula


  • Financial Budgeting: Your Long-Term Forecast


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