Sephora Accelerate Program launches for North and South American Women Entrepreneurs in Beauty

January 25, 2016 - Events & Competitions, Funding Ecosystem
Sephora Accelerate Program launches for North and South American Women Entrepreneurs in Beauty

Sephora Accelerate Program launches in 2016 for North and South American Women Entrepreneurs





Sephora, a top leader in beauty retailing, has big plans for helping women entrepreneurs. This month, they’ve announced three new programs for 2016 that are an extension of the company’s new holistic social impact strategy lead by Corrie Conrad, Head of Social Impact at Sephora.

  • Sephora Accelerate Program
  • Classes for Confidence
  • SEPHORA Stands Together


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Why it’s important

This is the first time a major beauty brand is supporting women entrepreneurs. The strategy is meant to continue Sephora’s mission of inspiring confidence and fearlessness among women. Sephora wants to help establish the next generation of the beauty businesses through community social engagement and providing the tools for women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.


“Even in the beauty industry, where most customers are women, female founders are still underrepresented. We see a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with entrepreneurs to build a supportive community for early-stage female founders.”

-Corrie Conrad, Head of Social Impact at Sephora


About Sephora Accelerate:

The objective is to foster early-stage beauty businesses that are created by women entrepreneurs.  Sephora Accelerate has been designed to help the underrepresented female founders in the beauty industry by having the program be a collaborative and supportive structure for the women entrepreneurs.

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Who can apply:

  • Business must be founded by a woman (at least 18 years old) and headquarted in the US, Canada, Mexico or Brazil
  • Entrepreneurs must be in early stage businesses not yet carried by Sephora or distributed widely by others (businesses more with an idea but not much revenue yet)
  • Passionate about beauty, social good and building Social Impact into their businesses


What’s the process:

  • Apply for the program
  • If selected, they will participate in a boot camp at Sephora’s headquarters on April 24th through April 30th 2016
  • Taught skills to run and continue to build their businesses
  • Demo Day on August 29th- 31st
  • Provided a mentor from Sephora’s massive network of beauty industry leaders
  • Can become eligible for funding through Sephora



Classes for Confidence:

Classes for Confidence will be introduced by SEPHORA in April of 2016. They are a series of in-store complimentary classes meant to inspire confidence in women facing major life transitions, such as re-entering the workforce and women who are in transitional housing and shelter programs.


Sephora Stands Together:

This initiative is the new philanthropic emergency and hardship fund that was created to support eligible employees in times of need, such as natural disaster, family emergency or other unexpected events.


Timeline for Sephora Stands

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