Power Shift 2014: The Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy – May 27-29, Oxford UK

April 3, 2014 - Events & Competitions, Funding Ecosystem
Power Shift 2014: The Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy – May 27-29, Oxford UK

Investigating the relationship between women and the world of finance.

The goal of the symposium is to arrive at an action research agenda for governments, NGOs, and companies that want to support women’s inclusion in finance around the world.



Photography by David Fisher

When: May 27-29 2014
Where: Saïd Business School – Oxford, UK
Agenda: Power Shift agenda available, list of speakers
Attend: Attendance is by invitation only. To express interest in attending, contact Power Shift.


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Key Actors, Unite

“There’s really a lot of interest right now – in the corporate world, in the governmental policy world, among international agencies – about women’s economic empowerment. What I wanted to do was bring those people together who are working on policy questions about empowering women from different sectoral perspectives, and provide them with a safe place to share what they are learning and doing.”

Linda Scott, DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


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Linda Scott


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Jeanne M. Sullivan


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Panel Spotlight

Innovators to Consumers:
How women are changing tech, mobile and finance 
Three key organisations in the arena of technology, finance, & women’s empowerment – Astia, the Cherie Blair Foundation, and Enclude – will come together under the thought leadership of Jeanne Sullivan, named by Forbes as one of the five most powerful women changing the world in venture capital.


The dialogue will run from access to capital for high-growth women entrepreneurs in tech, to new mobile services that help poor women keep control of their earnings. The three organisations offer a fully global perspective by focusing on high growth businesses, the “missing middle,” and poverty alleviation in both rich and poor nations.


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Power Shift Trailblazers

Tune in, as the brightest minds on the subject open up about the challenges & paths to a brighter future for women and finance.

These contemporary leaders have something important to say about changing how women-owned businesses access capital…

Find out more!

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