Inside Startup Fundraising NYC 2016 Webinar on April 5th, 2016

March 29, 2016 - Events & Competitions
Inside Startup Fundraising NYC 2016 Webinar on April 5th, 2016

Join Early Growth Financial Services on April 5th, 2016 from 08:30-10:30 AM EST with their 2-hour breakfast session webinar



Early Growth’s Financial Services team of VC’s, financial consultants, bankers and lawyers have helped many companies down the fundraising path, from identifying the best funding source to negotiating the best terms for a deal.


They want to share their wisdom with you by walking you through your fundraising path and help take some of the pain and confusion out of your own fundraising process.


Join them for a two hour webinar that will cover:

  • The process of a raise
  • Pre-money and post-money valuation
  • Understanding dilution
  • Negotiating your best VC deal
  • Term sheets: what you need to know
  • And more!


The moderator of the event is James Fulton, Partner at Cooley, LLP.


The panelists during the webinar are:

  • David Ehrenberg, CEO and Principal of Early Growth Financial Services
  • Bonnie Ryan, Director of Silicon Valley Bank
  • Robert Lopez, Vice President of Justworks
  • Jonathan Drillings, Principal of Comcast Ventures
  • Nimi Katragadda, Investor of BoxGroup


Participants should come prepared with great questions, to network and learn how to take their startup to the next level.


Read more and register for the webinar at Inside Startup Fundraising Eventbrite!




Anne Ravanona is the Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her – Catalysts for getting Women Entrepreneurs Funded faster and building Gender-Inclusive Workplaces. A TEDx Speaker, Anne regularly speaks at global conferences on the topics of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and leadership. A Huffington Post contributor, Astia Advisor, she is passionate about funding and inspiring women entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter @anneravanona @GlobalInvestHer